Project Overview

Railway services are characterized by a high degree of reliability and safety. The increasing use of railway also increases the need for maintenance, not only because of a higher degradation of the system, but also because the availability of the track for maintenance decreases. A major constraint when organizing maintenance tasks is to avoid disruption of service.

The OPTIRAIL project will develop a comprehensive tool, based on Fuzzy and Computational Intelligent techniques, to manage all the elements that are relevant for track maintenance, predicting future conservations needs with optimal allocations of resources. To allow better understanding of complex infrastructure behaviour, extending as a consequence, the lifecycle and durability of networks and reduce the environmental impact.

OPTIRAIL will contribute to obtain higher levels of safety and service in railway infrastructures, "optimal" life cycle for the management of railway infrastructure maintenance, better quality of service and, therefore, higher level of client satisfaction, improved level of availability of the railway infrastructure. OPTIRAIL will also ensure a more effective planning of the management and activities of infrastructure maintenance based on expert knowledge accumulated over years of experience and to the information stored in the monitoring and maintenance management systems.

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